Whether it's a product or a service you're supplying I can assist in telling your story in a compelling and creative way. Through my creative skillset I can provide you with high quality professional videos that are tailored to your needs.
I enjoy the challenge of creating a unique image. Whether it's utilising a camera or just appears from a crazy idea my head. It's very rewarding to see a completed project and a happy client. 
Over the last few years I have been fortunate to work with businesses from all over the world. I have met many of these wonderful people in person, and in turn this has made my work and life so much more enjoyable, rewarding and has allowed me to create my best work
Little fact about me, I'm also the Dad at @clanwander. We're a fulltime world travel family since 2019. When i'm not working creating content for others I spend my time traveling to countries all over the globe with my family. India, Jordan, The Balkans an epic 133 days spent in lockdown in the Himalayas, oh and a ridiculous Bollywood adventure!. 
We want to show that traveling as a family with young children doesn't inhibit adventure it totally enhances it!. We're finally living the life we've always wanted . If you'd like to see how we managed to quit the rat race and travel the world or even just tag along for the ride you can find us at www.clanwander.com and on all socials @clanwander. 
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