Way back in 2007 we took a year out to travel the world and it changed my life forever. I found the best version of myself where I was happy, outgoing and fearless. I vowed that we would travel long term again, then life got in the way, the kids came along and I thought our dream was over. Not to be defeated I started spending lots of time researching and what I found gave me hope, there were many families out there that travel fulltime, and I was sure we could do it too . It took many years from that moment to make it a reality but we worked hard and never gave up and now here we are as a fulltime travel family since 2019.

I feel so fortunate to be living the life I always dreamt of, spending time travelling the world with our kids and all because we didn't give up on our 'ridiculous' 'impossible' dream. Our moto was always 'Dream Big' and it's stood us in good stead. Never give up on your dreams because, no matter what others say, if you want something bad enough you can make it happen. 

If you would like to know more come about how we became a world travel family check us out below.

We’re a family of four from Scotland travelling around the world for the pure fun of it. We feel very fortunate, having had the chance to travel to some far flung countries, to see and live with different cultures and push our comfort zones. Always trying something new as a family; exploring the great outdoors, life skills and the world as a classroom. Travel allows you to explore this wonderful world, to be inspired and take a chance.

Trying to Live a life of purpose, being brave and open minded, raising our kids to love the world and those in it, whilst also attempting to share our adventures and moments as a family along the way. In 2019 we set off on a trip of a lifetime, off the beaten track, as a full time travel family. Passionate about the outdoors and looking to embrace the simple things in life, not knowing what lay ahead and how our world would change dramatically during that time.


During Covid times we spent 133 days locked down in the Himalayas but still managed to walk to Mount Everest in Nepal setting an unofficial World Record on the way!. We slept under the stars in Jordan, made India our home, travelled all over Eastern Europe and the Balkans, living like and with locals along the way, oh and we even managed to squeeze in a crazy Bollywood adventure along the way!.

We enjoy taking the path less travelled and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones this is when we feel most alive. Spending this time with our children is so precious to us and seeing them grow up as strong and happy individuals, who are not afraid to tackle whatever life throws at them, reaffirms we are doing something right. Travel opens you to life changing experiences and in those are the moments that will define and change our children forever.
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